Last March, Rem and I went on a cruise. A first for both of us, considering we both prefer road trips if we could help it.

We deviated from our usual habits because there was a promo. (Because of course there was. Two 30-ish people living on writers’ wages? We travel on promos. Write that down, travel people.)

View from one of the gates of Shuri Castle – Shuri Castle and Shureimon Gate was our first stop in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. (Overexposed photo, I know, but we disembarked at nearly noon.)

Reason two: The cruise will land us (me in particular) in Japan[1] and Taiwan. To better understand what pushed me to grab the chance, my first ever overseas trip was last year, to Singapore[2].

So yeah, we went, we saw, we got seasick.

We had all sorts of plans too. We plotted our steps from “once we land in Okinawa” to “buying a Nintendo Switch”, but somehow failed to properly prepare ourselves for the 6-day trip within a giant pitching, yawing, and bobbing tub.

It’s funny looking back now, how my mind marveled at how many vomiting idioms and words I could think of – while I was slumped on the cabin’s bathroom floor.[3]

Jing Tong Old Street and Train Station – tons of Miyazaki feels

While we knew it was going to be cold, we didn’t expect the freezing drizzle in Taiwan. We were only wearing jackets. As in the type of jacket you wear in say, Baguio in October. My hands were so cold I could barely take photos.

Unmitigated disasters aside, I really did enjoy the trip, though given a choice, I’d fly. Naha (Okinawa) and Jiufen (Taiwan) are beautiful places for different reasons, and I’d love to see more of both in the future.

1. Requires a visa.
2. and that was only to see Simona Halep run around a court and hit a fuzzy yellow ball around
3. Losing lunch, tossing cookies, barfing, tawag uwak (calling crows?), spewing, puking, hurling, upchucking, throwing up.


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