The 365-post Project

So, The Daily Post has inspired me to start writing daily again. I used to do this, as an exercise to keep my brain from shriveling into a useless husk while working in corpo (the product of which you can see here), but I like the serial blogger that I am, I left that to move to another blog which is now woefully in need of updates.


The Daily Post exercise gives 365 writing prompts – cleverly designed to give bloggers an idea about which topic they could write about that day. Today is the 17th, which not only means that I should be thinking about

In a crisis
Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations.
Are you happy with the way you react?

of which I’ve quite had a number of this week (a mere coincidence, I hope), but also that I have 16 days of backlog.

The story of my life, ladies and gentlemen.


From the Mixed-Up Files of a Writer-For-Hire